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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Betas, get ready to read!

I am 35 pages from finishing my final read-through of The Misfortune of the Emerald Thief, book 1 of my Keepers of the Emerald Cave series. I can't believe it! In the two days since beginning this final read, I cut out over 200 words, but then added at least that back in toward the end. ROFL! I tried.

Tonight I will be sending this ms off to at least 10 readers, hopefully more. I will cast my net wide, knowing that I will get feedback quickly from at least half of them, and serious chopping criticism from one-fourth of them, which is great. It has to be perfect, so if someone has a problem with even one word somewhere, I need to know. And it is amazing the amount of typos and weirdness those extra eyes always find!

While my wonderful readers are spending time reading through the ms, I will be finalizing the query letter as well as finalizing the list of agents I'll send it to. This is the part the is slightly gut-wrenching, as it's time to put up or shut up -- the initial gatekeeper to this traditional publishing game is the literary agent. But for a middle-grade fantasy adventure, I think traditional is still the way to go, so it's time to knock on doors.


Time to make some dinner and feed the troops....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, hello there 2012

That doesn't seem real, but here we are. Fortunately, there are no major disasters or John Cusack in sight, so life is progressing quite well considering my house is on the freezing side. But that is sheer laziness on my part; I haven't built a fire yet, or turned on the heat yet today -- that's really lazy. It's flipping a switch! Come on!
But I am holding out, telling myself to go do dishes to warm my hands instead, or perhaps a nice cup of tea.

New year. New plans. Not new plans, but THE plans... no more coffee for me, that's Number 1. I did a test this morning and went to Starbucks to hang out somewhere other than this chair I'm in right now. I ordered a double latte, which is my drink. It's been my drink for years. Double latte, no flavor. (pssst.... coffee *is* a flavor, local espresso baristas!)

It not only made me feel gross, I swear I felt my blood pressure rise. I came home and started flushing whatever that was out of my body! So, no more coffee. The kids and I have stocked up on tea, and that is our new thing.

Eating healthy is also the new thing. I joined Weight Watchers mainly to glean all of their tricks of the trade and recipes, plus to instill the rhythm of their eating program in my brain, because I am in the re-training process and I need all the help I can get. Picture lots of Post-its plastered all over my kitchen -- WHOLE GRAINS ... SNACK ON VEGGIES ... FIVE A DAY ... DRINK WATER ... etc. You get the picture.

My jeans are already fitting nicer, and my kids and I have been planning our lunch and dinner menu plans together stretching out into February already. We check in the morning so we know what's coming for dinner. Teamwork. Excellent.

What does all of this have to do with writing? Well, I'll tell ya... I want to be able to be working on my writing for at least six solid hours a day. Three during the day, three at night after everyone is in bed. For that to happen, I have to get this place on a schedule -- food, errands, bills, chores -- everything. I have to take care of myself so I get enough sleep, have enough energy, and the ability to focus, and really, so far so good. Today was the first day my kids went back to school, so it was a little disorienting, but at least I changed the water in the aquarium -- the fish appreciates that, so that counts!

Another change -- I fired the girls' cheer gym for being total wankers, so now we do not have to run around all over God's green earth and worry about THAT anymore, which is so excellent. We've already worked on sewing projects and tidied up the craft room so we can find things again. We're starting our homemade Valentine's-making soon, too. (All part of our commitment to the 11th Month Project! Now my ding-dong enmbedded link thingy won't work. It can be found here:

I also had a computer scare on January 2... what a way to begin the New Year! Total virus attack, I had been lazy on updating my virus protection, something slipped through, and BAM -- everything was kerfluffled. Crap. With the help of my most excellent computer-guru friend Kathie, we were able to scare out the little buggers and get our home network back up and running. It was nice to not have to start over with a scrubbed machine, though. I hate that!! And no baby photos were lost, either. Not like last time.

Tomorrow is the first day with my own little buggers in school for a full day, so I'm going for three hours of revising tomorrow. Maybe I'll hit more...that is the plan!

Current favorite Pandora Station: Bruno Mars
Peace out!

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