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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have a plan. Stand BACK!

No, really... I have been thinking a lot about this blog and how to get into it more, so I have the ever-important *presence* on the internet, so I am kicking around some ideas like:

Setting Goals Sunday -- a weekly re-cap on what I want to be working in writing, life, all that junk. Maybe by putting it out there, I will focus more. Maybe? MAYBE? PLEASE TELL ME THAT WILL WORK!!!

Tell You What Tuesday -- the day I set aside to tell you, my 5 faithful readers, something about my characters, or my art, or my cakes...all of the things I do that fall under the Creative Bubble of Me, which I have dubbed Heartberry Ink.

Like, for example, this is Murphy the Martian I made for a little boy turning 4:

Then and Now Thursday --

Me, then:

Me, now:
See? I've grown up. I wear shirts and everything.

But I find I like to compare and contrast what the hell went on when I was young (DECADES AGO OMFG) to what is going on today...raising three kids in whatever-they-call-this decade. What is the here-and-now called, anyway? The Twenty-tens? What WAS the last decade called? Are we completely unable to deal with calling them something because they don't have enough numbers? The 80s, the 90s, the 2000s?, the Teens? What?

I'm calling them the Teen Years.
And that fits. I still feel like a teenager.

I'll even act like one... flash a photo of Taylor Lautner in front of my face and watch my blush! Age is just a number, baby!!


And I an considering Facebook Friday -- which is what it sounds. Me talking about what an amazing tool Facebook has turned out to be for me, keeping me in contact with the people all over the world I miss, as well as a vehicle for making contact with people I would have never met in the first place -- artists, famous published authors, actual actors even YOU would have heard of, and my crowning glory ... a vice president at Scholastic Books. BOO-YAH!

And if I mention Facebook enough, maybe someday they will send me a royalty check or something. You never know.

So to catch up....

If I had written on Sunday, the blog post would have told you about the wedding cake I am making this week, as well as the fact that I HAVE GOT TO clean and organize my desk. NOW. THIS WEEK. yuck

If I had written on Tuesday, I would have shared photos of the cake-in-progress and perhaps a photo of my cleaned-off desk top. (It's still brown and made of wood and everything!)

So tomorrow I am writing about TV and how some things never change... I was an ABC TV whore 40 years ago, and I am still one today. LOVE. MY. CASTLE.




  1. LOL - Cute baby picture! Good thing you wear shirts now. :D

  2. Yes! Although, I could use some new shirts. My collection of Fading Mama Fashion Line could use some new blood!