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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration from UPIR

I am two weeks from moving my family of five people, four cats, two rats, and one fish to a new home, but I am also trying to spend a little time on Emerald Cave every day, simply because I go crazy if I don't even open my manuscript. It cries, you know. I can hear it in the computer, whimpering from writer's neglect.

The stress of moving is never fun, but we have been waiting for this break for so long, we are taking it and not looking back. I have boxes, I have tape. We have sorted and pitched, and we have donated to Goodwill. The kids and I pick an area and we organize and dust what's there so I can pack it up. It sure feels good to see the art room filling up with packed boxes.

But I want to be writing and revising KEEPERS OF THE EMERALD CAVE! So yesterday I took a drool break and visited one of my favorite book sites on the internet right now.... the home of UPIR and the Monster Gang, written and illustrated by the mother-son team of Sharron and Raymond Thornton. Their book is not yet published, but their website is amazing...the art, the games, the's such an amazing platform already, I just love it.

Raymond's art is amazing. I wish I had art like that for Emerald Cave now!! Someday..... But my favorite little critter hands down is Hawthorne:

All I have to say about him is, where is the doll because I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

Seeing what the Thorntons have created so far for their novel inspires me and keeps me going, despite my insane schedule of balancing regular life with moving. I have so many things going on right now, my head spends its time spinning in about eight different directions. But my characters would make great dolls, too, so I will keep plugging along and dream about the day I have a super-cool website full of bubble games for KEEPERS OF THE EMERALD CAVE.

Peace and Bubbles and Packing Tape,


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